Center for IT and e-Business Management

Consortia-Based E-Business Standardization Research

*Research Objective: To gain better understanding of factors that motivate firms' participation and contribution in industry-specific e-business standards consortia, such as STAR and Open Geospatial Consortium.

*Participation Value Proposition: Your organization's participation is critical to the advancement of this research and represents an excellent opportunity to influence the technology standards setting process. We will summarize best practices of collaborative standards development to both consortia as well as their members. Our research can suggest effective ways to consortia to encourage members' financial as well as technical contributions. We will also help consortia participants to understand the value of the standard consortia membership.

*Confidentiality: This research is intended for academic purpose only, and data gathered from the survey will be held strictly confidential. We are more than willing to agree and sign on a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required. You may also contact the University of Illinois' Institutional Review Board (217.333.2760; with your questions about participants' rights.

*Research Team:                                                                                                                      

Katherine Zhao, Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate ( (217)778-9633

Mu Xia, Researcher Advisor, Assistant Professor ( (217)333-2878

Michael J. Shaw, Researcher Advisor, Professor ( (217)333-5159

Biography of Researchers

*Summary of previous standard-related research projects.

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