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Working Papers

Report No Title Author(s) Abstract
CISTM-98-01 Electronic Commerce: Review of Critical Research Issues Michael J. Shaw abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-01
CISTM-98-02 Demandable Debt as a Means of Payment: Banknotes versus Checks Charles M. Kahn and William Roberds abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-02
CISTM-98-03 Product Marketing on the Internet Chandrasekar Subramaniam, Michael J. Shaw, and David M. Gardner abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-03
CISTM-98-04 Electronic Catalogs in the Web-Based Business-to-Business Procurement Process John P. Baron, Michael J. Shaw, and Andrew Bailey abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-04
CISTM-98-05 Supply Chain Management: Developing Visible Design Rules across Organizations B. Rachel Yang abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-05
CISTM-98-06 Web-based Global Supply Chain Management Gek Woo Tan, Michael J. Shaw and William Fulkerson abstracts_for_working_papers.htm#98-06
CITEBM-02-01 A Study on the Value of B2B e-Commerce: The Case of Web-based Procurement Chandrasekar Subramaniam and Michael J. Shaw paper in pdf format
CITEBM-02-02 Effects of Process Characteristics on the Value of B2B e-Procurement Chandrasekar Subramaniam and Michael J. Shaw paper in pdf format
CITEBM-02-03 A Theory of Task/Technology Fit for Mobile Applications Judith Gebauer and Michael J. Shaw paper in pdf format
CITEBM-02-04 The Efficacy of Wireless B2B e-Procurement Judith Gebauer, Michael J. Shaw and Kexin Zhao paper in pdf format