Welcome to CITEBM

Welcome to Center for IT and e-Business Management at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is one of the research and learning centers of the College of Commerce and Business Administration at UIUC. The Center received one of the Critical Research Initiatives (CRI) grants from the University of Illinois. Bringing together facilities and researchers in the fields of business administration, economics, accounting, finance, computer science, psychology, and engineering, CITEBM is aimed at developing new managerial insights that will lead to effective business systems, strategies, processes, and models for commerce and business administration.


CITEBM is committed to:


Developing world-class research and educational programs on electronic commerce, information technology strategy, technology management, and the commercialization of technology.


Developing the critical technologies and business models to facilitate the realization of global electronic commerce that is rapidly emerging.


Developing innovative business models and strategies for the effective applications of new technology.


Establishing a business incubator for new technology-oriented businesses, products, ideas, and technology, research ideas, and industrial applications.


Building strong ties with the industrial and business communities to collaborate on developing state-of-the-art research and education programs.


Integrating multidisciplinary approaches in the research and educational programs that reflect managerial, technological, and sociological perspectives.