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Information Management - M.S. Technology Management

Managers with expertise in how to manage companies more effectively with information technology, are increasingly being valued in corporations and the marketplace. The Information Management Track for M.S. in Technology Management ( is designed to allow business students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills through courses in Enterprise Information Technology, Information & Data Management, Decision Support, Electronic Commerce, Social Media and IT Governance.


Students who want to study in the Information Management Track must first be admitted to the MS in Technology Management program in the Department of Business Administration.


Information Management Courses Requirement:

The Information Management Track essentially provides M.S. Technology Management students an option to take Information Management courses consists of a set of three courses from the list of courses offered:

BADM 554 Enterprise Database Management
BADM 555 Information System Development & Management*
BADM 556 Electronic Commerce*
BADM 557 Decision Support, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence
BADM 559 IT Governance*
BADM 590 IT for Networked Organizations*
BADM 590 Social Media and IT Innovation
BADM 590 IT Strategy
BADM 590 IT Strategy Project
BADM 590 IT & Consulting Project Management

*These courses are usually offered in fall semestersˇXthe rest are offered in spring semesters.

This list is updated every semester so please ask the program coordinator for the most updated course list.

M.S. Technology Management curriculum:

The students follow the M.S. Technology Management curriculum, as described in The three Information Management courses can be used to substitute for three M.S. Technology Management courses.

Program Focus:

The Information Management Track gives a focus on the body of knowledge and skills that develops leaders in various business fields who understand (1) how to leverage information technology to create value for customers, external partners, and shareholders by designing better information systems to improve value-adding activities, business processes effectiveness, and governance/controls; (2) how managers can assess the strategic, financial, and economic benefits of investing in advanced information systems and innovative technologies, and (3) how to leverage enterprise information technology assets to enhance all business functions and be effective in delivering value and services. The Information Management Track provides not only a strong foundation in the management of Information Systems/Information Technology area but could be tailored to fit the specific business career needs of our students, no matter what their functional areas are.

Admission to the Information Management Track

Students are advised to follow the same application process as applying to the M.S. Technology Management program, with an added note to participate in the Information Management Track. If admitted, the student will be notified by email. The Department of Business Administrationˇ¦s M.S. Technology Management Program and the Information Systems faculty will jointly manage the Information Management Track.

Advising Notes:

  1. Please check the availability of the courses listed with the Department of Business Administration during the registration period each semester.
  2. Currently the Information Management Track has five-year agreements with the National Taiwan University (Memorandum of Understanding with NTU) and with National Chengchi University (Memorandum of Understanding with NCCU), along with the Management Plan filed with the UIUC Graduate College.
  3. One of the three information management courses can be a capstone project course.


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