IT Minor are designed for graduate-level students in Business and related programs. The course requirement consists of three courses from the following list.

Students can choose to start in either Spring or Fall semester and there are no particular prerequisites (other than some basic statistics in some) or sequences.



A. Regular IT Minor Courses

BADM 554 Enterprise Database Management  M/W 9:30- 10:50 am, V. Sachdev.

BADM 557 Decision Support and Knowledge Mgmt*  M 11:00 am- 1:50 pm, A. Tafti.

BADM 590 IT Consulting Project Management  Tu 6:30- 9:20 pm, M. Nelson.

B. Additional MBA505 courses to choose from in Spring 2009

 (Choose 1 from the first 8 weeks and 1 from the second 8 weeks)

First 8 Weeks:

MBA 505-Project Management*  T/R 11:00-12:20 & 12:30-2:00 N. Petruzzi

MBA 505-Management of Technology  T/R 9:30-10:50 & 11:00-12:20 G. Hoetker.

Second 8 weeks:

MBA 505-Decision & Risk Analysis*  M/W 12:30-1:50 & 2:00-3:20 D. Kwon.

MBA 505-Enterprise IT Strategy  M/W 3:30 - 4:50 M. Shaw.


BADM 555 Information System Development & Management R. Subramanyam.

BADM 559 IT Governance M. Shaw.

BADM 590 E-Business Management M. Nelson.

*These courses may require basic knowledge in statistics

IT Minor Administration

We ask all the programs sending students to IT Minor to manage their applicants' admission into the IT Minor (so far these programs include, for examples, MAcc.S, GSLIS, MS Tech Mgmt, MS Fin., Computer Science, etc.). The admission process involves: (A) Based on the capacities, we can first decide on the number of students to admit from each program and the quotas of the courses available; (B) The sending programs will decide on the selection criteria if the number of applying students is more than the slots we have. Other than the GPA, we found each program has its own additional criteria.

We will provide the IT Minor Courses Summary each semester during the advance registration period so students can use it as a basis to sign up for courses.